A Frugal Birthday: Xia’s 2!!

Wow. How the years are flying by!

Yesterday, my baby girl turned 2 years old.

And let me tell you, this child is the light of our lives.

Oh, how I wish every one of you could meet her in person. I guarantee, her bright eyes and big ol’ smile would win your heart as well.

As she’s grown, she’s developed the sweetest little personality. I love how she answers so many things with a very enthusiastic, “Okay!” and is genuinely happy to comply.

“Xia, come here, it’s time to eat.”


“Xia, let’s go change your diaper.”


“Baby, it’s time to go night-night now, let’s go lay down.”


“Xia, Don’t get into that!”


I know she won’t always be so agreeable, so I’ll take it while I can!

I love how, often, when you step out of the room for a few minutes, and then return, she’ll greet you as if you’ve been gone all day long, “Hey, Mommy!!!!” That always makes me laugh.

And I love how she adores her siblings. She thinks her “Sissy” is the best, and is so happy when Jada actually lets her in her room for what she tells Ty is “girl time”, (which means no boys allowed).

She just loves her new baby brother, and gives him lots of attention and loving throughout the day. She’s quite the little mommy. But her real buddy is her “Ty-Ty”. She thinks he is the funniest thing ever, and he is so gracious with her.

We didn’t have much money to spend for a party, but we definitely wanted to give her a special day. So, I made a homemade pizza for lunch, and some whole wheat chocolate cupcakes to follow, using stuff I already had on hand.

Then we headed into town to visit Chuck E. Cheeses for some fun. Xia had never been there before, and Ty was just a baby the last time we took Jada, so it was a treat for them all. I found a coupon in one of the Sunday papers for 90 tokens for $15, so they each had 30 games or rides to enjoy.

When we got back home we let her open her gifts. I’d used my Swagbucks and Eversave points to get a couple of things for free. (Which, by the way, was only made possible by you, so thank you!!) We got her a pack of bath crayons, and a personalized baby bracelet.

The “I’m 2” shirt was also free through Eversave! I thought that was a cute touch.

All in all, it was a very good day. The kids had fun, and I think Xia felt like the special little princess she is to us all.

Happy Birthday angel!! I love you with all my heart!!

11 thoughts on “A Frugal Birthday: Xia’s 2!!”

  1. Our baby girl will be 2, 3 days after Christmas so you can imagine how frugal we will need to make it.

    I’ve done all of my kids cakes too so I have some cake decorating supplies on hand so hopefully I will find some inspriration to make her a wonderful but frugal birthday!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. Happy Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter. Xia, Grammie loves you so much & can’t wait to see you. Enjoy your very special day!!!
    All of my love, Grammie

  3. What a sweetheart! Those cupcakes look absolutely delish & professional. I’m ordering cupcakes from “The Cupcakery” in L.V. for Grandma Jeanne’s 90th. They don’t have anything over you! Take a look at their web – thecupcakery.com

    Love you all,

  4. I’m gearing up (or getting sad, not sure which) about my baby girl’s upcoming 2nd birthday. We have very little money too and so it was nice to see what you have done. Good job!

  5. If you can, print the above post and put it in her baby book. She will enjoy reading this in a few years. You’re a great mom!

  6. I wish I had one of those cupcakes right now.They look sooo good.:)Happy Birthday to Xia!!I love to hear what you do to celebrate.I think we will do cupcakes for Faiths 2nd birthday in Dec.Although I wish I could think of an excuse to make them today.:)Nikki

  7. happy birthday xia! by the way, kendra, great job on the cupcakes! they’re decorated just like the ones in those expensive shops!! what an awesomely frugal birthday party. i love it!!


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