A Beautiful Day on the Homestead

What a beautiful, peaceful day it is today! The sun is out, a nice breeze is blowing, and there’s nothing more to do than enjoy the day.

My dad rode up on his tractor earlier today. He’s our closest neighbor. He lives through the woods, and up the hill across from the ponds. The kids were excited to see him, and right away Titus wanted to ride on the tractor. They all loaded up, Jada hopped onto the trailer, and they took a ride down our long gravel driveway through the woods.

When they got back we showed “Pappy” the goats; he hadn’t seen them yet. The kids fed them hay through the fence. The we walked around, enjoying the day and checking on all of the projects around the home.


My raspberry bush is getting some nice green leaves on it. Yay! My blueberry bushes still look good. The broccoli I have sitting on the porch is just starting to get it’s second leaves. The smallest of the apple trees is starting to sprout green leaves. Everything is growing well!

Pappy and Jada took a long hike through the woods. They visited the 100 yr. old chimney that sleeps with the trees, swung on a hanging vine swing, walked across a fallen log over the icy creek, and explored “mysterious places”.

Titus and I played outside for a while, then reluctantly went in to make lunch. It’s so nice to be able to open all of the windows in the house again. As I made sandwiches I stopped for a moment to absorb the peace; feeling the cool breeze blow on my face, and hearing only the sounds of the birds chirping and the silly goats bleating.

What a beautiful day it is. Thank you Lord, for such simple blessings in my life.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day on the Homestead”

  1. Wish it was warm enough to open the windows here! Although we have had a few days with high 50’s, nothing long term. We are experiencing a lot of rain lately, which will be a blessing come August.

    Sounds like your kiddos are taking to “country” life just fine. I remember the days when I was growing up, what we found to be “fun”. Climbing trees, helping with the farm chores, you name it, we found fun in it all.


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