Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes? Is it Safe?

collage of rabbits eating various foods

It’s no secret that wild and domestic rabbits alike eat a diet that is primarily made up of greenery: grass in the wild, hay in captivity, and a mixture of leafy greens in both settings. But they also, occasionally, get other sorts of vegetables and plant matter in their diet though they don’t need much. … Read more

What Exactly is Gray Water?

grey water bucket

Nowadays, there’s a great societal emphasis placed on personal water conservation. For those living in dry climates or rural areas where this resource is scarce- and especially for homesteaders- it’s critical to get as much “value” or use out of your water supply as possible. Though to some folks the idea of reusing water is … Read more

Here’s How To Stop A Caught Swarm From Leaving

honey bees in beehive

Keeping a caught swarm of honeybees from leaving can seem like a daunting endeavor, but following a few simple steps you should have the wild bees making honey and wax for you in short order. Spring is the typical time that you can most easily spot a swarm of honeybees, although it is possible to … Read more

DIY Glass and Window Cleaner

Cleaning your glass and windows and being left with a streak free shine does not require the use of costly and possibly harmful, store-bought glass cleaners. Removing grit and grime from glass, and leaving the surface looking beautiful can be easily accomplished with this DIY natural glass cleaner for mere pennies on the dollar. Are … Read more