The Best Companion Plants for Carrots

March 29, 2019 Emily Jenkins 0

Super high in vitamin A and various antioxidants, carrots are a great vegetable to have in abundance in your garden and fridge. Like other root vegetables or rhizomes, carrots utilize the underground space, giving your […]

newly born baby chick in incubator

How To Incubate Poultry Eggs

March 27, 2019 Tara Dodrill 0

It is that time of year again, fellow homesteaders – chick days at agriculture supply stores. When the cold winter finally gives way to spring, Tractor Supply, Rural King, and many stores like them capitalize […]

Homemade Coffee Chews

Homemade Coffee Chews

March 19, 2019 Derrick Krane 3

These are delicious little nuggets of coffee, fat and protein. Storage & Uses Coffee nuggets will keep in the fridge for about three weeks. They can also be frozen for about 6 months. Each coffee […]


Rainwater Harvesting Plant Nursery

March 17, 2019 Emily Jenkins 0

When we design solutions in permaculture, we’re looking to solve more than one issue at once, so that all our elements in the wider system of our permaculture garden become multifunctional tools. This increases efficiency […]


How to Grow Parsnips

March 15, 2019 Rebekah White 1

Native to Europe and Asia, parsnips have been a dinnertime staple in North America since the early 1700s. These tasty root vegetables were used in ancient medicine to relieve toothaches and even achy feet! While […]

Maple Buttered Coffee

Maple Buttered Coffee Recipe

March 8, 2019 Derrick Krane 0

There is a trend of putting butter in coffee. I find this sweet and creamy version more palatable. Print Recipe Maple Buttered Coffee Ingredients3 cups coffee1 tbsp. maple syrup2 pats unsalted butter1 tbsp. half and […]

How To Grow And Use Daisies

March 7, 2019 Tara Dodrill 1

Daisies have always been my favorite flower, but filling a cool vintage milk pitcher I scored at a yard sale for $1 was not my objective as I trudged through a way too muddy hayfield […]