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Teaching Your Children Life Skills

November 13, 2011 Kendra 15

Would your child know how to survive without you in an emergency situation? Will they be prepared to care for themselves and their own family when they grow up and leave the home? What sort of life skills are you teaching your children right now, to better equip them for the future?

My Great Grandfather’s Memoir: Life In The Early 1900s

November 7, 2011 Kendra 22

My grandmother recently mailed to me a copy of a memoir my great grandfather wrote about his life growing up. It was typed on a typewriter… and I absolutely love it. Things were so very different back then. I’d give anything to have him here to lend me homesteading advice!

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Your Chance To Be A Blessing

November 2, 2011 Kendra 3

I’m sure you have a bunch of stuff laying around your home that could really be a blessing to a less fortunate family. Here’s your chance to give to people who would otherwise never have the means to buy what we take for granted daily!

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Fair Trade USA: Goodie Bag Giveaway!!

November 1, 2011 Kendra 139

In an effort to raise awareness and conscientious purchasing in the US, Fair Trade USA is sponsoring one really sweet giveaway right here, plus they have some super cool apps, too! Check it out!

Congratulations to Sarah (armywife…)!! Thanks to all who entered!